WTF?! Indeed
[by Steven Landsburg]
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Interview with Garrett Petersen: The Economics of the Weird
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When Government Fails, Superstition May Have the Answer

How Market Competition Created the Modern Witch

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Interview with Isaac Morehouse
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Why "Trial by Ordeal" in the Middle Ages was Actually an Effective Test of Guilt

Interview with 14-Year-Old Economist-In-the-Making Joseph Gray
Ceteris Numquam Paribus

Take the "Mises-Was-Right Challenge"

Why Doesn't Trump Challenge Kim Jong Un to A Duel?
[by Jeffrey A. Tucker]

Why the Trial by Ordeal was Actually an Effective Test of Guilt

Who's Afraid of Friday the Thirteenth? Good Luck with That

When Societies Put Animals On Trial
[by Sonya Vatomsky]

A History of 'Trial by Ordeal'
[by Arallyn Primm]
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'Hot Iron' Trial by Ordeal: A 13th Century Lesson for Investors
[by Ian Kelly]
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A Brief History of Trial by Combat
[by Alex Mayyasi]

Trial by Battle: Did it Really Ever Happen in History?
[by Hamza Rao]
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Apuntes sobre “Battle of the bastards”, un capítulo de #GameOfThrones
[by Ángel Alayón]

Solving the 'Longbow Puzzle': Why Did France and Scotland Keep their Inferior Crossbows?
[by Cory Doctorow]
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Peter Leeson on Witch Trials and Human Sacrifice
[by Anthony Gill]
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What Do King Solomon and David Lee Roth Have in Common?
[by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt]
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The Economics of Westeros: The Real-Life Advantages of Trial by Combat
[by Jordan Weissmann]

Game of Thrones and the Case for Trial by Combat
[by Lily Rothman]

Trial by Combat: It was Real and Spectacular
[by Elie Mystal]
Above the Law

How to Trick the Guilty and Gullible into Revealing Themselves
[by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner]
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Superstition and Self-Governance
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Why Wife-Selling was Advantageous for Wives
[by Ben Richmond]
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Economics of Human Sacrifice
[by Timothy Taylor]
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There's a Rational Explanation for Human Sacrifice
[by Ben Richmond]
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When Rats Meet the Legal System
[by Martin Gardiner]
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Gypsy Law
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What Can We Learn from Human Sacrifice?
[by Eli Dourado]
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Why the Rich Immolate Themselves
[by Jeffrey Tucker]
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Why Human Sacrifice is the Best M&A Defence
[by Giles Turner]
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Human Sacrifice, the Original Negative Interest Rate
[by Izabella Kaminska]
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Human Sacrifice
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Witchcraft: It's Only Rational
[by Kurtis Lockhart]
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God Damn: The Economics of Malediction
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Wifeselling: Is Selling Your Wife Slavery?
[by Tim Worstall]

Buy My Wife. Please!
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Wife Sales: An Efficiency-Enhancing Institutional Response
[by Stephen Dubner]
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Superstition and Development
[by Peter Leeson]
NYU Development Research Institute Aid Watch blog

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The Economics of Gypsies
[by Steven Levitt]
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Trial by Battle
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On the Cauldron System of Justice: Who Needs a Courtroom, Anyway?
[by Ashby Jones]
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Who Are You So Wise in the Ways of Science?
[by Eugene Volokh]
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Trial by Ordeal
[by Radley Balko]
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In Defense of Trial by Ordeal
[by Joseph Bottum]
First Thoughts

Justice, Medieval Style
[by Peter Leeson]
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The Purpose Driven Life
National Affairs

Freakonomics Meets Pirates of the Caribbean
[by Steven Levitt]
Freakonomics/New York Times blog

Trial by Ordeal
[by Steven Landsburg]
The Big Questions blog


“[B]rilliant logic….this book is downright fun…enjoyable as much for entertainment as enlightenment….You don't need to care one bit about economics or social theory to enjoy this book. Conversely, if you hate fun and frivolity and care only for social science, you'll find serious economic theory in WTF?! If you don't find the world more fascinating and enjoyable, and people more ingenious and clever, after reading WTF?!, something might be wrong with you!”
Isaac Morehouse

“Pete Leeson is not your everyday economist. And WTF is not an ordinary economics book….Many authors claim that their work could be enjoyably read by a non-academic, but unusually this book actually delivers on this promise….[The] explanation is imaginative, ingenious, and, once one thinks about it, quite plausible.”
Review of Austrian Economics

"A very effective book within the Beckerian tradition."
Marginal Revolution
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