Why Doesn't Trump Challenge Kim Jong Un to A Duel?
[by Jeffrey A. Tucker]

Why the Trial by Ordeal was Actually an Effective Test of Guilt

Who's Afraid of Friday the Thirteenth? Good Luck with That

When Societies Put Animals On Trial
[by Sonya Vatomsky]

A History of 'Trial by Ordeal'
[by Arallyn Primm]
Mental Floss

'Hot Iron' Trial by Ordeal: A 13th Century Lesson for Investors
[by Ian Kelly]
City A.M.

A Brief History of Trial by Combat
[by Alex Mayyasi]

Trial by Battle: Did it Really Ever Happen in History?
[by Hamza Rao]
Daily Pakistan

Apuntes sobre “Battle of the bastards”, un capítulo de #GameOfThrones
[by Ángel Alayón]

Solving the 'Longbow Puzzle': Why Did France and Scotland Keep their Inferior Crossbows?
[by Cory Doctorow]
Boing Boing

Peter Leeson on Witch Trials and Human Sacrifice
[by Anthony Gill]
Research on Religion Podcast

What Do King Solomon and David Lee Roth Have in Common?
[by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt]
Freakonomics Radio

The Economics of Westeros: The Real-Life Advantages of Trial by Combat
[by Jordan Weissmann]

Game of Thrones and the Case for Trial by Combat
[by Lily Rothman]

Trial by Combat: It was Real and Spectacular
[by Elie Mystal]
Above the Law

How to Trick the Guilty and Gullible into Revealing Themselves
[by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner]
Wall Street Journal

Superstition and Self-Governance
Oxford University Press Blog

Why Wife-Selling was Advantageous for Wives
[by Ben Richmond]
Motherboard Magazine

Economics of Human Sacrifice
[by Timothy Taylor]
Conversable Economist

There's a Rational Explanation for Human Sacrifice
[by Ben Richmond]
Motherboard Magazine

When Rats Meet the Legal System
[by Martin Gardiner]
Improbable Research

Gypsy Law
The Browser

What Can We Learn from Human Sacrifice?
[by Eli Dourado]
The Umlaut

Why the Rich Immolate Themselves
[by Jeffrey Tucker]
Laissez Faire Today

Why Human Sacrifice is the Best M&A Defence
[by Giles Turner]
Financial News

Human Sacrifice, the Original Negative Interest Rate
[by Izabella Kaminska]
FT Alphaville

Human Sacrifice
The Browser

Witchcraft: It's Only Rational
[by Kurtis Lockhart]
The McGill Daily

God Damn: The Economics of Malediction
The Browser

Wifeselling: Is Selling Your Wife Slavery?
[by Tim Worstall]

Buy My Wife. Please!
Reason Magazine

Wife Sales: An Efficiency-Enhancing Institutional Response
[by Stephen Dubner]
Freakonomics blog

Superstition and Development
[by Peter Leeson]
NYU Development Research Institute Aid Watch blog

The Browser

The Economics of Gypsies
[by Steven Levitt]
Freakonomics/New York Times blog

Trial by Battle
The Browser

On the Cauldron System of Justice: Who Needs a Courtroom, Anyway?
[by Ashby Jones]
Wall Street Journal blog

Who Are You So Wise in the Ways of Science?
[by Eugene Volokh]
Volokh Conspiracy

Trial by Ordeal
[by Radley Balko]
Reason Magazine

In Defense of Trial by Ordeal
[by Joseph Bottum]
First Thoughts

Justice, Medieval Style
[by Peter Leeson]
The Boston Globe

The Purpose Driven Life
National Affairs

Freakonomics Meets Pirates of the Caribbean
[by Steven Levitt]
Freakonomics/New York Times blog

Trial by Ordeal
[by Steven Landsburg]
The Big Questions blog

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