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[by Michael Shermer]
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[by Will Jarvis]
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US-Ökonom Peter Leeson: "Anarchie ist manchmal das kleinere Übel
[by Christoph Eisenring]
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[by Jacob Kushner]
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Sécurité routière : au lieu de tout réglementer, si on essayait l’anarchie?
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Superstition and Self-Governance
Oxford University Press Blog


"In Anarchy Unbound, Peter Leeson argues that we tend to underestimate the holding power of social norms and to overestimate the benefits of government."
Library of Economics and Liberty [full review]

"In the best tradition of Coase, Peter Leeson shows how, in most surprising times and places, individuals managed to organize their lives and affairs cooperatively without any help from government. The history in this book is fascinating; the economics is powerful; and the writing is beautiful." 
Andrei Shleifer

"With compelling arguments and examples from many different times and societies, Leeson shows how bottom-up institutions of governance work and why their results are often better than what governments achieve. The book is fascinating reading for all economists, and will be an eye-opener to many." 
Avinash Dixit

"A lively, insightful, and masterly work. In taking aim at Thomas Hobbes's view that governments are invariably essential, Leeson invokes historical examples such as the institution of Caribbean pirates and sociological concepts such as social distance. It is rare for an economist to offer riches to social scientists of every stripe." 
Robert C. Ellickson

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